Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a national of country listed under the visa required list, then you require a visa to travel to Montserrat. If however, your are a national of a country listed under the visa not required list, then you don't need a visa to travel to Montserrat.

No. You must present the same passport used for the online application to the Immigration Officer upon arrival Montserrat. If the relevant travel document was lost in transit, you may be allowed to apply for an eVisa and pay the applicable fees at the port of entry.

As soon as your application and credit card payment is submitted, you will receive an immediate confirmation via email, with the reference number that your application is assigned. Then, your credit card is verified and charging authorization is received from your bank. Finally, your application goes through a verification process. You should use the reference number to check the status of your eVisa option online.

If your application is:

In process
  • You should check back later. Although most applications are processed within 24 hours; some applications may take little longer to process.
  • You should see a graphic representation of a visa, complete with your visa number and other particulars. You may want to print the page and keep it for your records.
  • Upon arrival in Montserrat simply inform the Immigration Officer that you have been issued an eVisa. Immigration Officers will electronically verify validity of your eVisa.
  • If data submitted in your application does not exactly correspond with your factual information, you will be considered to have arrived without a visa and will be processed accordingly.
  • Your application for an eVisa could not be approved on line. A reason will be given for the denial and you will be given further instructions via email.

Applications may be submitted by anyone outside Montserrat with a valid Passport and who wishes to receive a visitor or business visa to enter Montserrat.

The combined online application and processing fee is US$50.

eVisas are valid for travel for 1 year from the date of issue. eVisas can be used for multiple entries during the period of validity.

If you do not have a credit card, then it is not possible to apply for a visa online. Instead, you may apply at the nearest British Embassy or Consulate.

No. An eVisa is processed directly online through the Government of Montserrat Consular Services, and not through a British Embassy or Consulate.

Yes. Visitors with eVisas will be able to enter Montserrat via any authorized port of entry.

The eVisa system is fully automated and the Immigration Officers will be able to cross check the information which you provide to them.

You may present your visa information to the Immigration Officers via a printout of the confirmation you received online or via the email message on your smart phone or other device.

Currently the only visa available on line is a 1 year visa, suitable for visitors and business persons.

Yes. A separate application should be submitted for each member of the family traveling to Montserrat.

Yes. Minors need to apply and receive an eVisa. All applications for children under 16 must be accompanied by applications for accompanying adults.

No. Visa applications are non-refundable.

No. eVisa's only grant permission to Travel to Montserrat. Please contact the Labour Department for information on working in Montserrat.